In recent times, the term ‘’painless dentistry’’ is often used for dental marketing purposes. While the intention behind it may be to reassure patients, the term ‘’painless’’ should be used with caution in dental marketing campaigns.

Dental procedures, by their nature, can cause discomfort in the form of sensitivity in patients due to variations in individual pain thresholds. With modern dentistry and technological advancements; local anaesthesia and sedation techniques have significantly minimized pain. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that the term “painless” oversimplifies the reality of dental procedures.

What might be painless for one individual could be painful for another. Moreover, the term “painless dentistry” creates unrealistic expectations, leading to dissatisfaction or mistrust if a patient experiences any discomfort during or after a procedure.

The term “painless braces” in orthodontic marketing is also misleading as it implies a completely pain-free experience, which isn’t always the case. While orthodontic treatments have evolved to minimize discomfort, the process of adjusting teeth with braces can cause temporary soreness, particularly during initial placement or adjustments.

Each person’s pain tolerance varies, making it inaccurate to label one type of braces as universally painless. It’s crucial for treatment providers to provide realistic expectations about potential discomfort during treatment instead of using a term that may create false assurances. Instead, one can highlight on effective pain management strategies rather than overpromising that it will be completely painless.

Let’s prioritize honesty and transparency in dental marketing by avoiding the use of the term “painless dentistry” and instead focus on the advancements that genuinely alleviate discomfort while acknowledging individual differences in pain perception.

Let’s also embrace the fact that dental treatment in today’s world can be done with very minimal discomfort.


Dr Darsha Meyyappan
Consultant Orthodontist

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